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Emperials goal is to bring you a faction where ALL of the officers are a part of a joint leadership of the faction and where drama will not be tolerated to sour others in game experience. We hope to have a faction made up of mature individuals that realize that it IS a game and that helping others to succeed benefits the entire faction. A faction that embraces the "Golden Rule", is respectful and tolerant of others thoughts and ideas. A faction that could say for themselves if they felt faction chat was appropriate or inappropriate, not that it would be dictated to them.

Every person in the faction is valued. Everyone brings something special with them when they log in to play. We want to hear your ideas and encourage you to speak up and tell us what you do and don't like. We can't promise that things will change drastically for any one person, but we can tell you that anything you have to say will be taken seriously. You will be treated with respect, but you will be expected to treat others with the same respect.

We don’t intend to lay down a million rules and I honestly believe the faction can decide for themselves what is appropriate or inappropriate. However, we do need some basic ground rules, so here they are:

• Treat others with common courtesy, respect and understanding.
• Emperials intends to be drama free! If drama is your cup of tea, this is NOT the right faction for you. Any player that insists on logging in and habitually brings drama to the faction will be asked to leave (or be kicked if they refuse).
• Negative attitudes are NOT welcome! Check your attitude before logging in.
• Faction members are expected to be helpful and polite, in and out of faction. We would like to be known for our helpfulness and kindness, so please refrain from being anything other than that.
• World chat trolling is frowned on.
• Repeatedly using offensive language, the making of lewd or rude comments and name calling will be considered a possible reason for dismissal. These issues will be addressed on an individual basis as they arise. Again, the faction members will dictate if you overstep your boundaries. If you are asked to stop, do so immediately and avoid the issue in the future.
• We expect members to refrain from having childish outbursts in faction chat. We suggest you log off and take some time to cool off instead of causing a commotion in faction.
• If you have an issue with someone and can’t resolve it, take it up with an officer of this faction. Officers will hold their judgment until hearing all sides and be fair in deciding differences between faction members. Any issue that becomes intolerable and disrupts the faction could cause the dismissal of all parties involved.
• Any player who needs to leave the faction on a temporary basis can talk to an officer or leave a message on the faction website to make arrangements for returning at a later date.
• We do not have a revolving door. Players who leave the faction after emotional outbursts or rage quitting cannot expect to be welcomed back with open arms. Any player who makes a habit of this behavior will be banned from returning.
• Do NOT think that you may abuse any Officer or member of this faction and remain in this faction. If you have no respect for others, we have none for you. Handle your issues with a mature and responsible attitude.
• Please remember it is a privilege to belong to Emperials, not a right. Your faction mates deserve well mannered, mature individuals to play with and that IS their right.

Squad play:
FB's: All 3 stars and all molds go to the tabber, your reward is the awesome xp and rep you gained! DQ items and lesser drops may be kept by the individual that receives them in random drop.
BH's: You are welcome to ask in faction chat if anyone would like to help you, however, bh's are a personal quest and you should not expect faction members to stop what they are doing to do your bh for you. Please go to the BH platform or use world chat to help fill your squad if no one is available or willing to help.

Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?
It has been my observation that people are about as happy as they make up
their mind to be.

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